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Steel column Steel column

Steel column

Steel column
Steel columns generally refer to the upright steel members that play a supporting role in steel structure buildings. They are mainly to bear pressure and sometimes also bear bending moments to support beams, trusses, floor slabs, etc. Commonly used steel columns include H-shaped steel, box-shaped columns, round pipe columns, lattice columns, cross columns, etc., which are suitable for different occasions.

H-shaped steel: It is named because its cross section is similar to the English letter "H". It has good mechanical properties and cost performance. Therefore, it is widely used. When used as a steel column, it will increase the column base plate, stiffening plate, purlin plate and crane support etc.

Box-shaped column: Its shape is like an iron box with good dynamic characteristics and small shrinkage deformation value. It is often used in high-rise buildings or large-span flyovers.

Round pipe string: The main reason is that its cross-section is round, and it has strong resistance to compression and torsion. It is often used in high-rise buildings.

Lattice column: Lattice column is a compression-bending component, which is mostly used for factory frame columns and independent columns. It consists of limbs and fittings. Compared with solid web columns, it can save a lot of materials, but requires more labor.

Cross column: The cross-section is similar to the Chinese number "ten", with good bending capacity, ductility and seismic capacity but poor torsion resistance. It is generally used for high-rise buildings.

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