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Bracing rod Bracing rod

Bracing rod

Bracing rod (Supporting member) that play a stabilizing role in the steel structure increases the overall rigidity of the steel structure building. The cross-sectional forms include round steel, steel pipe, angle steel, H-shaped steel, etc., which are an indispensable part of steel structure construction. Common steel structure supports include inter-column supports, horizontal supports, corner supports and struts. Although they have different names and positions, they are all set up to improve the integrity of the building.

Inter-column support: It is a connecting rod set between two adjacent columns in order to ensure the overall stability of the building structure, improve the lateral rigidity and transmit the longitudinal horizontal force;

Horizontal support: In order to improve the overall stability of the high roof and increase the overall rigidity, the connecting members are set at a place level with the ground. The main force characteristics are: apart from the self-weight, there is almost no vertical load;

Corner brace: The section is generally angle steel, so it is also called corner brace. Corner brace refers to the support rod between the beam and the purlin, and between the column and the purlin. The wall brace on the wall is called the wall brace, and the roof brace on the roof is used to ensure the overall rigidity of the roof;

Support rod: the cross-section is a round tube, which is an auxiliary member, and is set to maintain the stability of the main member. It is set at the position of the diagonal brace to prevent the deflection and deformation between the purlins.

Horizontal support

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