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Steel floor deck


Steel floor deck

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Steel Floor deck: The floor deck is usually cold-formed with galvanized steel sheet, and there are dents on the board, which increases the bonding performance of concrete and steel plate, and also improves the rigidity of the floor deck. Due to the large section rigidity of the floor deck, strong bearing capacity, it can be used as a permanent formwork and floor reinforcement at the same time, low cost, fast construction, long life, suitable for commercial buildings, residential and industrial floor structures, and has the following characteristics:

1. The construction is simple and fast, and multiple layers can be constructed at the same time without removing the mold, which greatly increases the construction speed and shortens the investment cycle.

2. Buildings using floor decks have strong seismic resistance and can effectively control cracks.

3. Protect the concrete structure and reduce the damage caused by oxidation, insect pests, and high temperature.

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